Revenue allocation in neigeria

revenue allocation in neigeria All about nigeria, africa, and the world --- that the world may know professor bolaji aluko's meta-website sharing insight, essays, information, documents, videos, presentation, images.

Crixtex: ode aba is finer than new york city no dusty roads, fresh clean gutters, no road and soil erosion, no swamp market roads, okrika full everywea for ayanholu and ariaria, osisioma is beautiful wit flowers, isi-ala ngwa is more prosperous than ph and okpu-umuobo is greener than vi oya die. Taxation, revenue allocation, and fiscal federalism in nigeria 29 2 nigeria's tax system 21 tax type and tax jurisdiction the assignments of fiscal instrument in nigeria were guided by constitutional. Abstract this paper is designed primarily to offer a historical overview of the politics of revenue allocation in nigeria since independence revenue generation and allocation among the federating units of nigerian federalism is a crucial issue in that as soon as there exist two or more levels or tiers of governments, it becomes necessary to. Aims: this paper examines growth evidence of federal government allocation share, state governments' allocation share, and state governments' internally generated revenue in nigeria study design: dynamic model and correlation were used methodology: we used aggregate annual data obtained from the central bank of nigeria, annual statistical. Introduction nigeria is africa's leading producer of oil and the seventh largest producer of crude oil in the world, and equally endowed with other numerous natural resources.

Revenue allocation formula: rmafc adopts draft report the long awaited draft report on the proposed new revenue allocation formula currently being reviewed by the revenue mobilization allocation and fiscal commission has been unanimously (as amended) of the federal republic of nigeria. University of nigeria virtual library serial no author 1 ugwuoke, jude c author 2 author 3 title responsibilities raised the problem of revenue allocation in nigeria in an effort to find an acceptable formulae for sharing of revenue in. This study empirically examines the impact of revenue allocation on economic development in nigeria specifically, the study looks at how the various revenue allocations to the three tiers of government affect real gross domestic product (rgdp) in nigeria using time series data for the period 1993 to 2012. African studies centre leiden, the netherlands oil and the politics of revenue allocation in nigeria chibuike u uche & ogbonnaya c uche. It was my last official outing as head of public relations at the revenue mobilisation allocation and fiscal commission there is no doubt that the president of federal republic of nigeria is not only presiding over the affairs of federal government as a tier. Revenue allocation is simply a process by which monies generated internally are shared among the different units of governments of a country nigeria, as a country, is operating a democratic system of government, which of course, is in line with the principle of federalism.

Revenue allocation formula in nigeria introduction prior to the discovery of oil in nigeria, other sectors of the economy thrived agriculture, for instance, was a major source of revenue for the western region the eastern region that was less endowed devised other sources of revenue all this has however changed since the discovery of oil [. The three tiers of government in the country [federal, state, and local councils] enjoyed an expanded take-home income from the federal account allocation committee [faac] in the month on december the faac says it shared n581498 billion between the federal, states and local governments the amount for december is less than the previous month.

Laws of the federation of nigeria - allocation of revenue (federation account, etc) act. 23 responses to running news - revenue allocation formula pls i need the revenue allocation in nigeria between 2005 and 2011 reply samskid says: february 13, 2013 at 4:06 am i want to know the revenue allocation formular from 2008 to 2013 please i nid a reply today on. Revenue allocation and political stability in nigeria literature review identification of revenue allocation revenue allocation can be defined as the practice by which one level of government turning over a portion of the revenue it receives from taxation to another level of government usually a lower one.

Revenue allocation in neigeria

Free essay: introduction nigeria is africa's leading producer of oil and the seventh largest producer of crude oil in the world, and equally endowed with. The revenue mobilisation allocation and fiscal commission (rmafc) on wednesday said only the national assembly service commission management can explain the n135 million monthly 'running cost' senators were recently said to be earning by one of their colleagues, shehu sani. Revenue allocation principle since independence there are large oil revenues in nigeria unfortunately, these are concentrated in the hands of industry and government officials, and little of this money filters down to the populace at large therefore, revenue allocation isn't what it should be.

Thus, this article takes a critical look at the politics of revenue allocation in nigeria and argues that it has remained a continuous exercise since nigerian post independence governance and politics historical-descriptive approach was used as a method of. The story of nigeria's 1962 census never gets old southern politicians seeking to end the north's dominance of nigerian politics decided that the only way to do it was through the census population figures at the time determined not only parliamentary representation but also revenue allocation and employee distribution in the civil service. Mediterranean center of social and educational research is the publisher of three academic journals mcser also organize annually the international conference on human and social sciences. The actual unity of a family is best demonstrated at the sharing of its collective wealth - african proverb the truism of this ancient african wise crack is perhaps best demonstrated in the context of the nigerian state. Academiaedu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Fiscal federalism in nigeria - understanding the core issues commission of 1954, the raisman-tress commission of 1958, and the binns commission of 1964 others include the interim revenue allocation review nigeria's federalism is one of the most expensive because it remains a result of. Revenue allocation in nigeria has been one of the most intractable and controversial issues particularly, the `principle of derivation' has been highly contentious in the country's fiscal federalism since oil discovery in 1958 the writepass journal.

President muhammadu buhari has been advised to, as a matter of urgency, submit a proposal on a new revenue allocation formula to the house of representatives. Revenue allocation in nigeria and the dependency on oil revenue: the need for alternativ solutions is the root cause of the revenue allocation debacle in nigeria federalism the focus on revenue sharing rather than revenue generation is the root cause of political, economic. Revenue allocation formula in nigeria introduction prior to the discovery of oil in nigeria, other sectors of the economy thrived agriculture. One of the problems of nigeria federalism is the issue of revenue allocationsadle with the twin issue of ethnic politic and rivalry, revenue allocation has become one of the key sensitive areas that required delicate handling when ever the subject matter is discuss. In an effort to reflect the wishes of nigerians, the revenue mobilisation allocation and fiscal commission (rmafc) has promised that it will come up with a new revenue allocation formula giving the assurance at a public hearing on the review of the revenue allocation formula in nigeria for the. Agitations for a more equitable revenue sharing formula have been a thorny issue in nigeria this perhaps, propelled the revenue mobilisation allocation and fiscal commission (rmafc) to carry out a nationwide sensitisation programme recently currently, the revenue sharing allocation formula is: 5268 per cent for the federal government, 2672. 2 sage open revenue allocation on economic development of nigeria other studies, such as aigbokhan (1999), jimoh (2003), emengini and anere (2010), akeem (2011), and usman.

Revenue allocation in neigeria
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